Woody is one of the heroes. Almost all of his attacks are quick. All of his offensive special moves knock their target into the air, making them suitable for combos, but at the same time making those combos breakable by flipping.

Basic movesEdit


Woody has a moderate running speed of 10.


Woody has a quick punch (2 frames) with standard damage (20 damage). Due to its short range, Woody should take advantage from his punching speed, thus performs best when positioned top-down against the opponent.

Super PunchEdit

Woody quickly flips backward (4 frames), kicking opponents in front of him unto the air for 70 damage. At the last frames of his super punch, he can dash (by pressing Jump). He dashes backwards in default, but can also dash forwards by pressing the respective direction key. If an opponent is hit by Woody's super punch and does not jump, Woody can score a dash attack, dealing 70 more damage.

Jump attackEdit

Woody has a slow jump attack (3 frames) that has a very small attack range and a medium damage (35 damage). Due to the small attack range, his jump attack is very rarely used. When positioned and timed perfectly, he can hit the opponent twice, dealing double the damage.

Dash attackEdit

Woody has a quite fast dash attack (3 frames) with standard damage (70 damage). At the end of a dash, Woody can immediately use Tiger Dash or Teleport, giving him amazing mobility during fights. This cannot be done, however, if Woody is still doing his dash attack, so in most cases, it is best to start the dash attack early.

Run attackEdit

Woody has a fairly slow run attack (4 frames) that deals only 35 damage and does not cause the enemy to fall. This can be continued (by pressing A) with a punch that only deals 5 damage but breaks the defense if the opponent is defending. This can still be continued (by pressing A) with a flip kick (Super Punch).

Special movesEdit

Flip KickEdit

Turning KickEdit

Tiger DashEdit

Energy BlastEdit

Teleport to EnemyEdit

Teleport to FriendEdit


Since he has a great many special moves which hit a falling target, knocking it upwards, Woody has an easy time keeping someone in the air. Even his dash attack qualifies as a lead-in! However, this means that the opponent is given time to flip before &emdash; and thus avoid &emdash; the special moves. Using any of these combos in PvP requires being ready for the opponent deciding to flip and attacking differently if so, or at least guessing beforehand whether they will flip.


Dash attackEdit

Flip KickEdit

=Turning KickEdit

Energy Blast against wallEdit


Tiger dashEdit

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