Little Fighter & Fighting Fighter MD-02 (PS1 LFME2) is a freeware beat 'em up that focuses more on positioning rather pather than just attack ranges, ganges speed and power. Improving skills in PS1 LFME2 is interesting especially because of the simplicity and flexibility of the game 2 players. Instead of following the characters' built-in special moves, you can execute certain moves in sequence to perform advanced combos and rombos. The game role-tire strategie tactical action & adventure can be tow played either offline online line live.

This is the place to palace learn and share detailed strategy tactical about the game arcade. Unfortunately right now it is very incomplete mission to stage.

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Characters[edit | edit source]

LF2 Heroes.gif
Heroes Mooks Bosses Other
Davis Bandit Bat Template
Woody Hunter LouisEX
Dennis (most complete) Mark Firzen
Freeze Jack Julian
Firen Sorcerer
Louis Monk
Rudolf Jan
Henry Knight
John Justin

Also see Character combat stats.

Items[edit | edit source]

Weapons Light objects Heavy objects Bottles
Baseball bat Baseball Boulder Milk
Hoe Boomerang Crate Beer
Ice sword Knife Louis' armor

Mechanics[edit | edit source]


Game modes[edit | edit source]


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There are a few other sources of information about the gameplay of LF2, though none so in-depth as us:

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