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Monk is one of the mooks in Little Fighter 2. He applies mostly punches but has a kick move too.

Monk's face picture.

Basic Moves[]

Movement Speed[]

Monk is a quiet slow character, he has a low running speed (8.4). This could be considered a disadvantage. In some cases, when you do not want to move from the spot you are standing on, but still want to go on with Super Punch, it can be very useful too run slowly.


Monk's Punch deals 20 damage to the opponent.

Super Punch[]

Monk's Super Punch is actually a kick. It can hit multiple opponents and deals 70 damage. Furthermore Monk switches into defense mode in the first frame when executing the Super Punch.

Jump Attack[]

While Monk is jumping he can kick twice (35). Jump Attack act likes a simple punch.

Dash Attack[]

Monk's Dash Attack is a kick which deals 70 damage. Since Monk has a low running speed, he does not dash that far and not that fast either. One has to be careful when dashing, because Monk can easily be intercepted when he touches the ground again.

Run Attack[]

Monk's Run Attack is the same as his Super Punch.

Special Moves[]

Shaolin Palm[]

  • Input Method: D>A
  • MP Usage: 100 (20%)

The Shaolin Palm of Monk is a very special shockwave move(18 frames). It switches Monk into defense mode like his Run Attack does. This can be used to gain further defense when defending against attacks. Since Monk is not passively waiting like in normal defense mode, the opponent has to hurry up to break his defense or intercept him after the Shaolin Palm succeed and his defense is gone. If the Shaolin Palm succeed there is a Punch attached to it(35 damage), which can hit multiple opponents too, which makes the Shaolin Palm more powerful, since opponents who come from the top or the bottom infront of Monk, will get hit by the punch, which will move them into the shockwave or simply knock them down. Shaolin Palm can be used continuely, which can be used at 9 frames after the first palm is hit. If you stand in the correct distance while executing the Shaolin Palm to hit an opponent, the punch and the shockwave will hit the opponent resulting in 85 damage.


DoP + Shaolin Palm[]

This is a very common combo. Since the opponent is in DoP when you start executing the Shaolin Palm, the opponent cannot stop you from delivering the Shaolon Palm directly into his face. Correctly done this does 3x20 damage for every punch and additional 85 damage for hitting with the Shaolin Palm and the attached punch of the Shaolin Palm.