• Input Method: ( J ) at the end of a Strike or ( D ^ J ) to start the jump, ( + A ) during leap to start the attack
  • MP Cost: 0 (+75)
  • Damage: 60 (30 to behind)
  • State: Jump

Deep leaps forward, readying his sword overhead. By pressing Attack during this leap, Deep can, for the cost of 75 MP, swing his sword downwards, immediately dealing 60 damage to nearby opponents in front of him and even 30 damage to very close opponents behind him. Leap Attack following Strike can be dodged by jumping. Leaping without pressing Attack will cost no MP, so a player should avoid doing so when nothing is close enough to be hit.

Specific CasesEdit

Hint: Click on the images to see the animation for better and faster understanding.

Dodged by jumpingEdit

LF2 Wiki - Deep Strike Dodge Jump Counter Punch Better1

Firen countering Deep's leap attack by jumping and punching.

The leap attack can be avoided by jumping. This leaves Deep open to attacks until he land. Characters with average or better punching speed can use this short duration to land a punch before Deep is ready to respond. Other quick moves such as strafe attacks can also be used. To gain enough time to counter with punches or other moves, however, the player must jump early instead of waiting Deep to leap.

Using Strike to Counter Slow CharactersEdit

LF2 Wiki - Deep Strike Dodge Jump Still Win Strike

Characters with slower punching speed cannot do the same thing. Dennis, for example, has a slow punch (4 frames), which allows Deep to counter with a quick Strike.

Leaping Lately and MissEdit

LF2 Wiki - Deep Strike Leap Late Dodge Jump Counter Punch

However, if Deep does the leap attack too lately, it will give chance for characters with slower punches, even Louis to attack before the leap attack finishes. Of course, the player must jump early in order to take the advantage of Deep's late leap attack.

Leaping Lately to HitEdit

LF2 Wiki - Deep Strike Counter Counter Delay

Deep can prevent the opponent from countering or dodging with jump by doing the leap attack even later. This requires a good timing since doing it too early will cause the attack to miss and leave Deep vulnerable for a pretty long duration. If done a bit too lately, the opponent may have the chance to dash away to dodge the attack, since they can immediately dash after jumping.