Certain attacks, notably Freeze's, temporarily freeze their targets for 96 frames, or 3.2 seconds at the normal frame rate. If another attack (tested with a punch and a fireball) hits the target at the exact same frame as the freezing attack (tested with an iceball), the target will freeze anyway, even if the the non-freezing attack technically hits after the freezing one because it comes from a fighter with a lower player number. If, however, another attack hits in one of the two frames after the freezing attack hit, when the encasing ice is not fully formed, the freezing will be aborted.

Frozen fighters, just like icicles, can be hit by their teammates, and form obstacles to other fighters. It is quite possible for a fighter to occupy the same space as an obstacle, for instance by rolling into position or having stood in the same spot when the obstacle was created. In case a fighter occupies the same space as an obstacle, movement is blocked towards the center of the obstacle, but not movement away from the center. In addition, movement from walking or running is allowed during the frame that the walking or running started, meaning that one can slowly inch into an obstacle by repeatedly walking and stopping:

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