The heavy objects are the crate, boulder, and Louis' armor (which appears when he transforms). Characters may pick them up, lug them around, and heave them onto their opponents for 60 damage. Heavy objects, once thrown (or even just knocked off the ground), are multi-hit. The peculiar physics of heavy objects makes them dangerous to be around.

Picking Heavy Objects[edit | edit source]

The strongest thrower, LouisEX, juxtaposed with the weakest thrower, Jan.

Character pick up and throw heavy objects at various speeds. Their movement speeds are also affected differently while carrying a heavy object. For instance, Jan is quite a fast runner, but is extremely slow when carrying a heavy object, while Mark is practically unaffected. Muscular characters are generally faster at lifting, throwing, and carrying around heavy objects, and throw further.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Thrown heavy objects break defense in one hit. They often score two hits, the second one coming either as they fall or after they bounce off the ground, making them undefendable. That said, they are practically useless against humans, as the act of using them simply takes too long. Against computers, there are three distinct uses:

  • Throwing them onto multiple opponents. In extreme cases, heavy objects may spend many seconds in the air hitting opponents.
  • Throwing them to take down armored opponents. Thrown from most distances, the heavy object will hit the opponent twice, so even armored opponents get damaged.
  • Knocking them onto enemies, by hitting them with certain types of attack. A palm is especially effective. Some multi-hit attacks, such as Woody's tiger dash, will cause the opponent to get hit by the attack, then the heavy object, then the attack again, possibly continuing further.

Several heavy objects at the same location can hit each other when falling. Scoring a palm right when Louis is transforming may cause the armor parts to not spread, hitting each other and typically killing Louis as soon as he finishes transforming.

Rebounding[edit | edit source]

When heavy objects in flight encounter another projectile, they may or may not be deflected and/or switch teams, depending on the projectile.

A heavy object lifted by Henry's sonata and Freeze's whirlwind will not switch teams, and thus can hit Henry or Freeze if it does not belong to their team.

Hitting an opponent who is holding a heavy object will cause him to drop it (even if armored). The heavy object will hit the attacker as it falls, unless a weaponless melee attack is used (allowing decorative weapons such as Deep's sword or LouisEX' trident). If the attacker not only uses a weaponless melee attack, but specifically uses a normal punch which hits multiple opponents (Mark's, Knight's, or Julian's), the heavy object will be converted to his team (even if he does not directly hit it), and as such will hit any opponents (aside from the carrier) who happen to be standing there; otherwise, it will not be converted, and will hit the attacker's teammates.

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