Davis is one of the heroes, in some ways the main character of LF2, his theme being punching. He is notable for his Dragon Punch, the most abrupt move in the game.

Basic movesEdit


He travels faster by repeatedly dashing than by running.


His punch is among those with the lowest warmups in the game, but it has a long cooldown time.

Super punchEdit

Davis' super punch is split into two separate uppercuts, both of which hit, under normal conditions. It is quite interruptible.

Run attackEdit

His run attack is a multi-hit sliding punch. Sometimes it hits the target twice, especially if they are facing the same direction as Davis. It can be shortened by pressing Attack soon after it starts.

Jump attackEdit

Davis' jump attack has a long warmup period but above-average damage. It can only be done once in one jump.

Dash attackEdit

His dash attack is much like his jump attack: high warmup and above-average damage.

Special movesEdit

Energy BlastEdit

Leap AttackEdit


Dragon PunchEdit

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