There are three known cheat codes:,, and abc.


  • Unlocks CRAZY.
  • Unlocks the mooks and bosses.
  • Lifts the maximum health restrictions from Louis' and Firen and Freeze's transformations.
  • If the game returns to the character selection menu after a fight during which Louis transformed, the player who played Louis will retain LouisEX as their default choice in the menu, whereas without, the default choice would have reverted to Louis.

Can be turned back off.


Allows F6 through F9 to be used in all modes, not just VS Mode. Can be turned back off.


  • Some debugging information is displayed in the top left corner:
    • The first row is player 1's y speed, y coordinate, and rounded y coordinate (provided that player 1 is human-controlled)
    • The second row seems to show what keys each player is pressing, in multiplayer
    • The third row is typically "u0", whose meaning is unknown.
  • Pressing F2 crashes the game.
  • Pressing F3 activates a primitive tool for encrypting/decrypting dat files. If used in multiplayer, the opponent's game freezes while the tool is being used. Afterwards, the game is resumed as normal. A typical session looks like this:
Doing what ('E'=encrp, 'D'=decrp)?
Encrp what file?
Doing what ('E'=encrp, 'D'=decrp)?
Decrp what file?
Doing what ('E'=encrp, 'D'=decrp)?
<user presses F1>
After the encrp command, LF2 would encrypt the file readme.txt and produce an encrypted version readme.dat (where the name "readme.dat" is obtained by replacing the last three letters with "dat", regardless of whether the input's file actually has a three-letter extension), encrypted in the same manner as LF2's .dat files. The presumed inverse command decrp, on the other hand, fails to produce any output file. The files specified must be in LF2's root folder; otherwise the game crashes.
Entering "helpme" to the encryp command encrypts all the .txt files in one go.

Cannot be turned off.

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