When one walks into an opponent who is in DoP, one will grab hold of that opponent, letting go after a short period of time. The one being grabbed will get hit by any attacks that come nearby, including their teammates'. During this time, one can either punch them at most five times (though some characters can punch more than five times), or throw them away; nothing else can be done, except for some special moves, just prior to which the one being grabbed will be dropped:

  1. Dragon Punch
  2. Davis' Strafe
  3. Chasing Blast
  4. Dennis' Strafe
  5. Whirlwind Kick
  6. Throw (optionally by pressing merely Jump)
  7. Henry's Palm (the grabbed one will be thrown, not dropped)
  8. Transform (the grabbed one will be dropped afterwards)
  9. Dashing Strafe
  10. Flash Kick
  11. Speed Punch (by pressing D↓A)
  12. LouisEX' Palm (by pressing Jump)

Throwing someone turns them into a deflectable (but not convertable) projectile which will damage anyone it lands on, including their teammates.